Framed Personalized Certificate and Covid-19 Medal

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We offer beautiful custom framed personalized Award Certificates along with the coordinating medal and metal American Flag for the recognition of Covid Heroes.   

We will personalize the certificate to reflect the individual and organization that is recognizing your COVID-19/Coronavirus Heroes.  

This award includes:

  • 14.7" x 1" x 21" framed award
  • Personalized Compassion certificate,
  • Compassion medal
  • American flag. 

 Please note - the photos are representations of what the product will look like when completed. Whichever medal is chosen, (Compassion, Valor, or Lifesaving) The coordinating Medal and Certificate will be used in the custom-made award. 

Click here for Covid-19 Compassion Medal

Click here for Covi-19 Compassion Medal (Color)

Click here for Covid-19 Compassion Medal (Antique)

Click here for Covid-19 Compassion Medal (Pewter)