Crafting gifts that celebrate service to a greater cause


In 2004 I departed for Fallujah, Iraq to participate in Operation Phantom Fury where I accompanied Marines of RCT-1 into battle as a Combat Historian, Artifact Officer, and Artist.  

My mission was simple: collect battle relics, record the personal accounts of Marines engaged in battle, and produce original artwork of their deeds.

   After four years of recording, writing, and creating original art surrounding our country's beloved and heroic combat Marines, I returned home and began this business in earnest.  

My journey in-fact began before Iraq, at Catholic school, when I was asked to craft a crucifix for mass. I cobbled it together in the garage from broken mirror scraps, fashioning a Jesus out of brown paper grocery bags.

I mounted it on a decorative pole and walked that crucifix up the isle; I was amazed how it so deeply affected people.  

Building on my successes with small projects, I pursued architectural and art studies and eventually enlisted in the Corps as a Combat Correspondent (CC).  The CC position never materialized but along the way I rose to become a Mustang and retired as an Assistant Chief of Staff, where among other things, I was responsible for administering the Awards Programs for the many units I was assigned to.

Helping recognize thousands of Marines for their service would have the same effect on me as crafting that crucifix so many years ago and would shape my decision to start this business.

What you see here today is the culmination of over two decades of service in the Marines, combat service overseas, and my abiding desire to find small ways to help you recognize the heroes in YOUR life.  These heroes walk closely among us and just about always in places close to home... let's find ways to put them front and center. 

I'm glad you're visiting the site and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Semper Fi and Bon Chance,