Why We Do It

As I watched the twin towers fall, I knew my life would be changing. 
I soon found myself on the battlefield serving as a Combat Historian, Artifact Officer, and Artist in the Battle of Fallujah.  Along with Allied forces we fought to take back the city from the likes of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his legions of fanatical insurgents.    
My mission was simple: collect battle relics, record the personal accounts of Marines in battle and produce artwork of their deeds.  It was under fire in Iraq that I designed and cast our first gift. 
The small medallion honored the Marines with whom I had dodged rocket fire, sidestepped IED's and routed out deeply entrenched insurgents from bunker like fighting positions in that dark and dangerous city.  
My story doesn't completely start in Fallujah.  Well before my baptism by fire, Sister Marietta tasked me with crafting a crucifix as a 7th grader.  I cobbled it together from mirror scraps and brown paper and walked it up the isle.  It deeply affected people, especially Sister Marietta, who had tears in her eyes.  
I took that experience and pursued architectural and art studies, eventually retiring as an Assistant Chief of Staff having administered very large awards programs for over 20 years. Helping recognize thousands of Marines for their service would have the same effect on me as crafting that crucifix and would shape my decision to start this business.   
What you see here are ways to recognize the heroes in YOUR life that have been a part of YOUR adventure.  Your heroes walk closely among us and are always in places close to home - let's work together to find ways to put them front and center.  
Let's talk about your heroes; I'm looking forward to hearing about them.
Semper Fi,